The Art of Companionship is a white paper documenting history, facts, common questions and answers, and the future of companionship.

What is Companionship?

Companionship is when you feel a sense of closeness being with another person. An adult male’s companionship with a younger adult female friend might keep him feeling young and happy.

You probably experience companionship with your best friend or romantic partner, or maybe even with your siblings. A feeling of fellowship or togetherness is companionship — it’s one of the reasons people get married or seek out like-minded friends. The word comes from companion, from the Old French compagnon, “fellow, mate, or friend,” rooted in the Late Latin companionem, or “bread fellow,” combining com, “with,” and panis, “bread.” source:

Examples of different types of companions

  • Any of several interpersonal relationships such as friend or acquaintance
  • A domestic partner, akin to a spouse
  • Sober companion, an addiction treatment coach
  • Companion (caregiving), a caregiver, such as a nurse assistant, paid to give a patient one-on-one attention
  • Companion (escort), a person who is paid to give special attention to a client and/or fulfill specific requests.

What is an Escort?

  • (A) A person or group of persons accompanying another to give protection or as a courtesy.
  • (B) A woman or a man who is hired to go with someone to a social event — often used before another noun
  • // an escort service/agency


Examples of different types of escorts

  • A female escort goes on a fantasy date with a male client
  • A female escort entertains a couple in their hotel suite
  • A male escort takes a female client out to dinner
  • A gay male escort accompanies a gentleman to a show

What is the value of companionship?

The value of companionship is directly equal to the desire of how you want to feel before, during, and after the experience.  For example, let’s say you want to hire a companion to accompany you to a wedding and wedding party.  The reason you wanted a companion was so that you would have someone fun and sexy to show off and have a great time with.  Weddings can be a gloomy reminder that you’re still single.  Or a wedding can be an excuse to have a great time with the person of your choice.  After attending the wedding with your beautiful entourage (who will make men’s head spin and become jealous), you can take her for a sexy, sultry, hot, romantic night out!  Enjoy drinks and dancing with your companion as you have fun with your friends as well.  Everyone is excited to party with you because they can see how happy you are and that you’ve having a great time at your own terms.  You know how to make magic happen and tonight is your night to party with a beautiful girl who’s sexy and sweet with a bubbly personality.  And is absolutely irresistible.  How bad you want to have this experience is the value for the time of companionship.

What is the difference between a companion and an escort?

“Companion” is a more conservative word with the same meaning as “escort”.  The only real difference is that the word escort has often been linked to meaning the same as a prostitute.  A prostitute is a person who offers sexual favors in exchange for money.  An escort only offers their time in exchange for money.  A companion is different than an escort as they specialize more in making sure their client is happy in every aspect.  An elite companion is someone who is qualified to be a Fantasy Date.

Can you have sex with a companion / escort?

Some people think companions/escorts are simply another word for prostitutes.  This could not be further from the truth.  A companion or escort is someone who can “accompany” or “escort” you to various places or do things with you.  Now the question of legal sex is simple.  Consenting adults can have sex as much as they want but the law says it’s illegal to outright purchase sex for money.  That is the definition of prostitution and currently that is only legal in the city of Pahrump

In Las Vegas, it is legal to purchase a person’s “time”, such as that of a companion or escort.  What the two of you decide to do together is ultimately determined when you first meet. 

If you like the escort and wish to buy them gifts or pay for some bills, there is absolutely nothing illegal about doing that.  That happens all the time in the normal world of dating.  The only thing that cannot happen is the promise and exchange of money for sex.  If caught by an undercover police officer, you could go to jail for soliciting.  On the other hand, if a companion or escort decides to have sex with you on their own free will, they can.  It’s their prerogative and it’s completely legal. You and your companion can do anything you want as long as it’s consensual.

What is the law regarding prostitution?

​”UnderNevada law, prostitution andsolicitation are illegal throughout the state except in a few rural counties that permit licensed brothels. Both prostitution and solicitation are illegal throughout Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, and Washoe County, which includes Reno.

A first offense is generally charged as a misdemeanor.  Nevada law defines a misdemeanor as a crime punishable by up to 6 months or less in jail and a fine not to exceed $1,000. A misdemeanor is less severe than a felony, which carries a potential jail sentence of 1 year or more. A misdemeanor can be as simple as a traffic ticket.

Some misdemeanors have mandatory jail time imposed if a person is convicted, while other misdemeanors carry only a fine. The maximum sentence is 6 months in county jail and a fine of up to $1000.00. But courts often impose just a fine and an AIDS awareness class with no actual jail time.” source:

What can you do with a companion / fantasy date?

The sky is the limit!  What we provide is the opportunity to meet someone special who can help fulfill any special fantasy, social request or custom experience.  Whether you want someone to accompany you to a party or nightclub, go to a show with, travel on a cruise with, or just have a romantic dinner with drinks, a companion aka “fantasy date” is the perfect person for this.  Of course, we have companions who are very sexy and sensual and know how to turn the night up and really show you the time of your life.  We are open to any request and happy to help you match up with the perfect companion / escort for your ultimate Fantasy Date.

Examples of Fantasy Dates

Bob is a 52 year old recently divorced man.  He is going to Las Vegas for the first time on his own and he’s not used to being single.  It’s not fun for him to hit on girls at the bar or restaurant and he feels awkward trying to meet quality girls online.  Most of the girls he’s attracted to either don’t reply to him or lose interest in him immediately.  It’s not Bob’s fault.  He’s just part of a different generation and now times have changed.  Bob isn’t looking to waste his time in Las Vegas.  He saved money and bought an expensive suite and he’s looking to go out and drink and gamble and doesn’t want to be alone.  Jill, his fantasy date, arrives to the hotel looking gorgeous from top to bottom.  She accompanies him while he gambles and later they enjoy a nice dinner with a view at the Paris Hotel.  Later they laugh and dance at the lounge downstairs and after some time, she accompanies him upstairs for drinks and conversation in his suite.  The night ends and Bob is happy that his time in Las Vegas was well spent.  And he will have memories that will last a lifetime.

Jennifer is a 44 year old single woman.  She hasn’t been on the dating scene for a long time and she’s had no luck at the bar or on Tinder.  She notices that it’s much harder to find a quality man these days.  She has a 20 year high school reunion party coming up and she doesn’t want to go solo.  It would help her confidence if she had a handsome and kind man accompany her so she isn’t alone at this special event.  Nick, her fantasy date, arrives in a suit with flowers and picks her up and takes her to her party.  He treats her like a princess and she is gushing as he makes a terrific impression on her old colleagues from high school.  They dance the night away and later go on a walk.  They end up at her room where they sip wine and watch the sky from her terrace overlooking the strip. And the night ends on a lovely note.

Greg is a bisexual man who has recently broken up with his partner.  He was invited to a black tie event and he wants to go with an attractive young man who will turn his friends heads and make him look good (aka arm candy).  David, his fantasy date, arrives at the event wearing a dapper blue suit with a pressed white dress shirt.  He’s stunning and helps Greg to break out of his shyness and co-mingle with his colleagues at the party.  The night goes so well that Greg ends up taking David to a karaoke lounge with his friends after the party.  Everyone has fun as they enjoy drinks, shots, and sing and dance the night away.

Jeff and Lisa are a married couple who are looking to spice things up.  What they’d love is to have a beautiful exotic woman join them in their hotel suite for drinks and some possible lap dances for his wife. They’re looking for a strip club experience but don’t like to go to them because of A) the costs associated B) the lack of freedom in the club and C) they can’t be seen in public at a strip club.  So they hire Cindy, a fantasy date who also is an expert at burlesque dancing, lap dancing, and the art of striptease.  Cindy meets the couple at the lounge and enjoys drinks and light conversation.  Then the group goes upstairs where Cindy surprises Lisa with a special striptease show with lap dances, as arranged by her husband Jeff.  This was the romantic surprise Jeff had planned for Cindy and the two enjoyed the night with Cindy and receive the experience they had hoped for.  By arranging a fantasy date with Cindy, the couple were guaranteed the night would go as they had planned as they had full control over who they would spend time with and how.  

The future of companionship

The way we meet people and find companions changes with every year and every technological advancement.  No longer are we limited to meeting people in real life.  Now we can meet people from our smartphones while sitting at home. Has this helped people to make new friends and start new relationships?  Well yes it has for some people but for most people, it’s a frustrating process of matching with people who either don’t reply or lose interest quickly.  Tinder has created a revolving door concept when it comes to dating. 

Men meeting women

Women are often bombarded by thousands of matches and messages and it can be overwhelming.  That’s why it’s so difficult to meet a good woman online.  They are either too busy with other matches or lose interest quickly and are too picky because of the supply of available men. 

Women meeting men

There is a saying.  “A good man is hard to find.”  That has never been more true than in 2021.  With the growth of social media and apps like Tinder, along with an increase in men who were poorly raised or are not successful, there has been an explosion of douchebags or “fuckboys” online.  These trolls spend most of their time hitting on women online and when they don’t get the response they want, they bully, harass, or intimidate women anonymously.  It sucks being a woman in 2021.  It may seem like meeting people has come down to posting a profile online and then flipping through the thousands of messages, half of which include dick pics.  You will never find a quality man on Tinder.  Those are just the facts.  Ask any female friend about their experience with dating apps and they’ll tell you, it’s a revolving door of frustration.

Gay men meeting men

Unless you have the Grindr app on your phone, it’s very hard to find gay or gay friendly men in most cities.  Even in major cities such as Las Vegas, it’s difficult to find many gay oriented venues.  At Fantasy Date, we find men and women who are LGBT friendly and can show you a great time anywhere.

In Conclusion

So how do you meet someone when it’s hard in real life (especially hard after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020) and even harder through dating apps?  Well, a great solution to finding the perfect person is through a professional agency that takes the time and initiative to find and vet people who will make great companions.  Being a great companion is not easy and they are hard to find.  Fantasy Date does this work for you and helps to create great matches so you can live your life and have fun on your own terms.  Don’t waste your time hitting on people at the bar or trying to be witty and gaining someone’s attention on Tinder.  If you’re smart and successful and believe your time is precious, work with an agency like Fantasy Date and start enjoying your life today!