Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy 

  • If client cancels more than fourteen days before their scheduled event, a refund of their deposit will be issued (refund = deposit amount less 20% administration fee).
  • If client cancels within fourteen days of their scheduled event, no refund fees will be provided.
  • If the talent does not show up as promised, the client has the option for a full refund of the deposit.
  • If client isn’t happy with the companion and wishes a refund, they must refuse them upon arrival and request a replacement dancer or refund immediately by texting or calling the reservations line at 833-FAN-DATE.

Cancellation Policy (Cash Only)

  • Client can cancel anytime.  If a client cancels last minute, we may not wish to help this person again in the future.  Please be considerate to our companions when cancelling and give us as much notice as possible, thank you.

Change Policy for Talent, Date & Time

  • Client is allowed to change the date and/or time one time before the start date.  Change request must come no later than three days prior to the date and time.
  • The second time a client changes the date and/or time, they will be charged a $50 admin fee.
  • We highly recommend that you plan carefully and try not to make changes last minute.  When our companions accept your request, they cannot be booked for another fantasy date for that same date and time.
  • If the original companion is unable to perform at the new date and/or time, then client may select another entertainer.
  • If client does not confirm choice of replacement companion at least two hours before the date starts, there is no refund.
  • If a replacement is not available then client has option to use 80% of the deposit amount as credit for future use with Fantasy Date. Credit expires in 90 days.

Why can’t I get a refund if I cancel within two weeks of the my reservation date?

In order to be fair to our talent, we must give them enough notice when cancelling an event. It isn’t fair to ask our talent to reserve a date and time for you and then cancel on short notice. They stand to lose out on other jobs that could have booked, especially on the weekend and holidays.

What if I have a problem with the talent or service?

We are a booking agency and our responsibility is to provide you with the talent you’ve requested (original or replacement) and to make sure they arrive on time and perform as scheduled.  If you have an issue with the performance or quality of entertainment, then you must address us the following day by phone or email.  Be clear on what the issue is.  Note down any details.  Our goal is to improve our service and your feedback is important.  However, if you contact us later than 24 hours after the date and time of your reservation, we will not consider it. Any issue must be addressed as soon as possible.  It is also the client’s responsibility to communicate with the talent and agency.  For example, if the client does not a) confirm the replacement choice or b) does not tell the talent or agency the exact location of the party or c) does not tell the talent how to get there (directions, how to get past security, etc) in time for the talent to make it to the meetup location by the scheduled time, then the reservation is considered cancelled and the deposit will be forfeit.