Premium Male Companionship

So what is a fantasy date? It’s when you are matched with someone who can provide the perfect boyfriend experience. A gentlemen who is able to cater to a woman’s every need and help fulfill any romantic fantasy they may have.

At Fantasy Date, we offer a personalized male escort for women service.  We are here to serve you, with no strings attached.

What does your service include? It’s whatever you desire! If you’re a woman who demands privacy and exclusiveness, we can honor that.  We want you to have a wonderful experience that is personalized just the way you want, with no worries about drama, jealousy, or awkwardness. Most importantly, we promise to keep your encounters safe and discreet.

How much is it? In order to find you as many options as possible, we’ve given our men the ability to choose their own rates.  This allows us to hire more men and gives our clients a wider price range.  You can view the rates on the men’s individual page.

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