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Memphis Male Escorts & Companions

Fantasy Date offers premium companions in Memphis.

We have Memphis Male Escorts and Companions including Asian Escorts and Companions, Caucasian Escorts and Companions, Black Escorts and Companions, Latin Escorts and Companions, Gay Escorts and Companions, Trans Escorts and Companions, LGBT Escorts and Companions, Fat Escorts and Companions, Midget Escorts and Companions, Male and Female Escorts and Companions, and many more!

We offer a true NSA (No Strings Attached) Girlfriend or Boyfriend experience in Memphis! We offer Atmosphere, Wingman / Wingwoman / Honey Bait, Casual Date, and Romantic Date Escorts and Companions! We serve all of Memphis in the state of Tennessee.

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Jamie Knoxx

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Male Escorts and Companions in Memphis

Looking for someone to spice up your night?  Are you alone in Memphis and looking for some quality company? Whether you’re celebrating the end of a toxic relationship or just looking for someone to make your fantasy come to life, our male escorts and companions are here for you.

At Fantasy Date, we have taken our time in hiring the best male companions from all over the country. Our mission is simple. We want to match our exclusive clients with premium companions and deliver the experience they truly desire.

What does a male escort / companion in Memphis do?

A male escort in Memphis, like in any other city, is a professional companion who provides companionship and entertainment services to clients in exchange for a fee. However, in Memphis, the nature of the entertainment and services offered might align with the city’s reputation for entertainment, nightlife, and extravagance. It’s important to note that male escort services can vary widely based on individual preferences, client needs, and the specific boundaries set by the escort.

**Companionship and Conversation:**
Male escorts often provide companionship and conversation to their clients. This can involve accompanying clients to events, parties, dinners, or social gatherings where having a charming and engaging partner can enhance the overall experience. Many clients seek companionship for business trips, vacations, or simply to have someone to talk to and spend time with.

**Nightlife and Entertainment:**
Memphis is famous for its vibrant nightlife, and male escorts in the city might offer services related to partying and enjoying the city’s entertainment scene. This could involve accompanying clients to nightclubs, shows, concerts, or other events, ensuring that the client has a fun and enjoyable experience.

**Arm Candy and Social Status:**
Some clients might hire a male escort to enhance their social status during public appearances. Having a well-groomed and sophisticated escort by their side can project a certain image and help clients feel more confident in social situations.

**Personalized Experiences:**
Male escorts can often customize their services based on individual client preferences. This might include arranging special activities, experiences, or surprises to make the client’s time in Memphis memorable and unique.

**Travel Companionship:**
Memphis is a popular travel destination, and some clients might hire male escorts to accompany them on their trips. This can provide a sense of security, companionship, and local knowledge that enhances the travel experience.

**Professionalism and Boundaries:**
It’s important to emphasize that male escort services are not necessarily synonymous with sexual services. Escorts establish their boundaries and the type of services they are willing to provide, and clients hire them with an understanding of these boundaries. While some escorts might be open to providing intimate services, others might focus solely on companionship and non-sexual interactions.

**Confidentiality and Respect:**
Discretion and professionalism are key in the male escort industry. Escorts are expected to maintain strict confidentiality about their clients and the nature of the services provided. Respecting the client’s privacy is paramount.

**Legal and Ethical Considerations:**
The legality of escort services can vary based on local laws and regulations. It’s essential for both clients and escorts to understand and abide by the legal requirements in the jurisdiction where the services are offered.

In conclusion, a male escort in Memphis offers a range of services centered around companionship, entertainment, and personal enrichment. While these services can encompass a variety of activities, it’s crucial for both parties to communicate openly and establish clear expectations to ensure a positive and mutually respectful experience.


Memphis Male Escorts and Companions
Escorts and Companions for hire



All eyes are on the men! You can view a couple of the male escorts and companions from Memphis. They represent the world’s top personalities, bodies, and aesthetics. 


We don’t just choose anyone to work as a male companion for us. All of our male escorts are extremely fit, well-trained, and dedicated to giving customers a great experience. They maintain a weekly preparation schedule that entails exercising, eating well, perfecting dance movements, and tanning in order to fulfill all of your companionship needs.

Oh, and the personalities of our companions are fantastic. They are good at courting, eating, and wooing you whether they are alone with you or in front of a group. We only use authentic male companions and escorts from Memphis.


Birthday celebrations only take place once a year as well, so make it special. All of our male companions in Memphis are ready to make the woman of the hour feel like a complete goddess.

Going to a wedding reception and don’t want to go alone? Call us up and we’ll match you with the best companion to accompany you to this event and maximize your enjoyment.

Looking for an adult experience? Want some exotic entertainment in your hotel room? Request a romantic date with one of our companions and get a customized fantasy tailor made just for you! Included are a sensual striptease and erotic dance show plus lap dances! (this is optional and up to the client)


After leaving your unpleasant husband, get crazy with some of the best male specimens the planet has to offer. To forget about your issues and rediscover the person you were meant to be, pick any of our male companion from Memphis. Given how stressful divorce can be, we are bringing the best BFE joy right to you.


If you need help planning your upcoming fantasy, please get in touch with us. Even if it’s just for a casual night out, you deserve for the evening to be one you’ll never forget. We are advising everyone to contact our personnel straight away because of this. Our male companions in Memphis can customize their service specifically for you.

Bonus: Did you know that we can help you locate local deals on lodging, food, and city tours? No one knows Memphis better than our group of male companions!

Visit our blog about male escorts to learn more about what we have to offer. Contact us without hesitation because we have unrivaled connections to local Memphis businesses. Visit Fantasy Date the next time you’re in town to meet our neighborhood male companions from Memphis.


Can your companions go completely naked?

Yes they can but it’s up to them. You can discuss this, as well as any fantasy you may have, in person.

How do I hire a male companion for a private event?

If you’re looking to hire a Memphis male companion then simply go to our Reservations page. If you have any questions, you can call, text or email us by going to our Contact page.

How can I become a male companion or escort?

If you’d like to become one of our Memphis Male Companions or Escorts then simply google “exotic entertainment Memphis” and you’ll find a Google business listing for Wild Entertainment.  Click on that and you’ll come to our parent website where you will find EMPLOYMENT in our navigation menu.  Simply follow instructions from there.

What is your refund policy?

Simply read up our Refund Policy.

What other type of exotic entertainment do you offer?

There are lots to do in Memphis but nothing is more fun than hiring Memphis male companions!  You can find lots of exotic entertainment for men, women and LGBT by visiting Wild Entertainment.

Where can I find or leave a Google Review?

It’s super easy!  Just google “Memphis male companions” and click on the local listing for Wild Entertainment.  There you will see our Google Reviews. As of July 21, 2023, we have 98 reviews and average 4.8 stars out of 5.

How do I contact your office?

We would absolutely love to hear from you. To find out more about our Memphis male escorts and companions, please call or text us at 833-FAN-DATE (833-326-3283) or visit our Contact page.

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