What to expect on a Fantasy Date

It’s whatever you desire! If you’re a woman who demands privacy and exclusiveness, we can honor that.  We want you to have a wonderful experience that is personalized just the way you want, with no worries about drama, jealousy, or awkwardness (all the kinds of things that can come from encounters with your average man in society). Most importantly, we promise to keep your encounters safe and discreet. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

This is my first time, I've never done this before..

That is a question we’ve heard many times before. You are NOT alone. There have been many clients before you that have been in this exact same situation.. and we have helped each and every one find that smile that they were looking for 🙂

This is YOUR time. We’re here to listen to you and answer any of your questions.

Our goal is to genuinely help any inculpable person find the best match in male companionship.

What can I do on a Fantasy Date?

There are so many possibilities! Imagine going to Vegas without the worry of having to find a date.  Do you want to see some amazing cirque du soleil shows?  Want to enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the many fine restaurants? Now you can have the perfect companion to make every experience memorable. Our men are respectful and appreciate a woman who is professional and understands the value of great time and company.  We can accompany you to a variety of social gatherings and events including company parties, nightclub events, pool parties, romantic horse carriage rides, a walk down the strip, a visit to the hotel’s spa, etc.

How much does this cost?

In order to find you as many options as possible, we’ve given our men the ability to choose their own rates.  This allows us to hire more men and gives our clients a wider price range.  You can view the rates on the men’s individual page.

How safe are your companions?

Extremely safe. We have a thorough background and screening process. We only hire elite gentleman who are more than just a pretty face. They must be strong and protective and ensure your safety while exploring and discovering new things with you. These men are not only handsome but intelligent, kind, and fun to spend time with. We do NOT hire male escorts or prostitutes. We hire men who are safe and classy and someone you can be proud to be seen with. You’re safety and comfort level are our #1 concern.

How long can they accompany me?

Companionship is available for any period of time, from an hour to a weekend to a monthly long experience. If requested our guys will travel world-wide with you. Afraid to explore alone? Let one of our men accompany you on one of your new journeys!

Can I have sexual relations with the men?

Male companionship is far different than male prostitution. We do NOT sell sex. We sell our men’s TIME and companionship for our customers. We offer our clients protection and our gentlemen are hand picked because of their personalities and ability to show women a good time. Whatever happens between you and your companion is a question of personal and private choice between two consenting adults. A companion can agree to whatever he wants, but he does so at his discretion and he is aware of the laws regarding solicitation and prostitution. Again, Fantasy Date does not sell or promise a sexual encounter. If you want a prostitute, you can find them in the classifieds. There is no safety with that method and we highly encourage people to avoid going in that direction.

What about massages or cuddling?

Hugging, Cuddling, Sensual Massage, these are okay as long as it’s not sexual. Prostitution in Las Vegas includes any “touching of sexual organs” done in exchange for money. That is illegal.

Is any of this illegal?

Not at all.  It’s perfectly legal to hire a male companion to share some time with.

What if the companion and I start to really like each other?

If there is a true connection between you and your companion, that is 100% fine.  Anything that happens is between the two of you and is a matter of choice between consenting adults of legal age, and is fine as long as there is no exchange of money for sex.

Can your men travel?

Of course! Our fantasy dates can accompany you anywhere in the world. It’s just a matter of arranging the travel and expenses.

Do you have any men outside of the United States?

We only have men based in the United States at the moment.  Most of our men are willing to travel internationally however.

NOTE: We do NOT operate in any other country outside of the United States.  Do not be fooled by someone pretending to work for us and is based in another country.  Our models are Americans and do not live in any other country.  You can ask us questions anytime through our contact form.